Maria Guzvic

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My stare was broken : I turned away : Hoping when I looked back : You would be here to stay. A flash of memories : Came flooding right back : Years in the wilderness : Fears under attack.  My tears had been stifled : But stifled no more : I verged on the edge : Of a sandy white shore.  Looking over the horizon : To a place in my mind : Dreaming of happiness : When time had been kind.  

I stand on the brink : Of a lonely place :  Suffering in silence : Not grieving for grace.  With problems to surmount : And wide rivers to cross : When can I go home : I am at a complete loss.  Mirrors reflect : Wonderful times : Happiness ahead : You could see all the signs.  My map torn up : I'm leading the way : Homeward bound : I want to be there and stay.

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