Beautiful Disaster

Hula Girl

Arms stretched up
To greet the morning sun
She spreads them out
To welcome everyone
She turns toward the sea
And with one sweeping motion
Says hello to the rising tides
Of the ocean
 She throws her head back
And sings toward the sky
The wind carries here voice
Both low and high
With a smile on her face
And the smell of a sea breeze
She gracefully moves around
Moving around with ease
The shells around her neck
Join in the harmonious sound
Of the wind and the water
And all other things around
A grass skirt round her waist
And flowers in her hair
She dances effortlessly
Without a care
Her smile
Can be seen in her eyes
As she finishes
With one last look to the sky
To thank God
For the beauty of the land
The sun and mood
Ocean and sand.  

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