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Be Still
There comes a time when you must admit you are powerless
To recognize your limitations is not at all cowardice
You’re more a man when your fighting stance is on bending knees
When your pride is pushed aside and you can pray in times like these
When you come to the conclusion, and now you understand
You have put your faith in one whose ways are not that of man
So don’t keep on worrying about it, trying to work it through
Just be still and behold what the all powerful can do
When you’ve asked Him if he would
If you truly believe He could
Though the world might call it odd
Be still and know He’s God
When you haven’t seen a change and the hours are far spent
Remember this situation has been truly heaven sent
It has come to test your courage; it has come to test you faith
It will not bring on you more than your heart and soul can take
When you take the pain and worry, then push it all aside
Then you will be able to see your God be glorified
Be still, now ask Him for direction
Be still, and know He heard your cry
Be still in the midst of His protection
Be still, and know He can not lie
Believe even onto the most dreadful hour
And witness the strength of His awesome power
Yours when you need it, activated when you pray
Hold on, a change is coming, be still, it’s on the way

Jackie Moore

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Be Still