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Ode To Gi Joe

They fight for freedom
Wherever there's trouble
The action is so intense
We're all seeing double

Joes falling from the skies
As we watch in awe
Oh those battle cries
Have us dropping our jaw

Now cobra commander
His throne was just pinched
There's a new snake in town
He's a gonna get linched

Destro and the Baroness
Are by commanders side
Until wild bills' guns are blazin
Then they haul ass and hide

Scarlett and Lady Jaye
Keep the boys on their toes
Which is Xamot? Who's tomax?
Seems nobody knows

Duke screams for shipwreck
And polly grows so tall
While storm shadow and snakeyes
Are in a mad kung fu brawl

The dreadnoks are coming
Could it get any worse
As the troopers are running
Seems to me cobras cursed

The joes speed like lightning
Dusty peels in real hard
Shooting sand and some bullets
Into the elite crimson guard

Whooped, bent and beaten
Cobra got quite a paddle
I guess it just goes to show ya
Knowing is half the battle

© 8-2-08

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Ode To Gi Joe