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Even More Today

Even More Today

From the day I lost the fight, the resistance of my heart
Wanting no dealings with love, not one single part
To the day I realized this time it is true love
Another day with you was all I could think of
A lot of things have changed; time just won't keep still
Much has come and gone, but not the way I feel
But then I take a look at things a different way
There is a change because I love you even more today
The years have brought many a trying time
A lot of fought and finger pointing, some yours, some mine
Many conversations, and I'm not ashamed to say
We even had some big arguments along the way
Some peaks, valleys, and many bumps in the road
Some dinners very quiet, and some nights very cold
We've even had times when we said that's it
Let's throw in the towel, it's done we quit
But in the midst of all the hardship and fuss
The is no other love for either one of us
No me without you, no you without me
Let's just face it we are meant to be
If I couldn't wake each day and see your face
The world would be a dark and lonely place
A pointless journey to a place of no accomplishment
That is way I know you are truly haven sent
So I check myself daily, do her no wrong
And life will be as a beautiful song
One only the birds can sing, only angels can play
It's title will be ďEven More Today ď

Jackie Moore

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Even More Today