Maria Guzvic

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I was stood in the station, a train to be bound
Hearing it approach with the familiar hissing sound.
The tracks borne hot as they carried me back
To times in my life: a reminiscent re-track.

Whooshing through jet black tunnels, then thrown into daylight
Would my memories resurge, would they volunteer images bright?
Sepia albums in my mind, family eyes staring out
Would ties from all those years, roll backwards and shout?

Tentative, curious, excited: I wanted to shout to the world
Dusty pages of recollection, screaming out to be unfurled.
Bated breath I placed my trembling hand on the door to my past,
Turning the key with a flourish, and taking a fearful last gasp.

Faces, oh faces, my heart smiled in recognition
Swelled step taken forward, for there seemed no inhibition.
T'was yesterday I saw you, you saw me, and why,
In crisp definition, I knew it was no lie.

Hazy corners crept gently open, to a place lost in time
Suddenly microscopic details, all figured in rhyme.
All our young features replaced by worldly rich volumes
Experiences driven into complexions fair costumes.

A world has happened since our gazes had met
The laughter, the tears, life's knowledge, yet:
Brimming untapped were new waters to swim
That glint in the eye, the same mischievous grin.

Please tell me the story of your life's journey and more
Don't disappear silently now we have opened a new door.
The bonds which once held us, can be knitted again
Family is family: it's deemed to remain.

Dedicated to :

The Guzvic's
The Stawarz's
The Todd's
Elaine Shaw
The Wilkes'
.....plus anyone I may have missed  xx

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