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 ' Happy Easter Symbol`
HAPPY EASTER SYMBOL FROM: mjfb1954  `THANK-YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT`    -- Writers keep all copyrights.     Due to the overwhelming positive response on my latest write, `Easter Symbol Not Pornography`, I extend my gratitude to all of you for your utmost support in feedback, here in Message Center, as many of you did not leave your site address, to Christians and non Christians alike, I thank you for agreeing with my point of view, and your wonderful words of wisdom God's Blessings to all, May you have a Blessed day, With Deepest Gratitude, MJ/mjfb1954 @Mary Jane's Poetry Visit mjfb1954's Poetry Site `ORIGINAL MESSAGE OF DEFENSE` BY 'MJB'~all rights reserved *2009* Why do you suppose the artist of this graphic chose to display` Happy Easter Slogan` in this manner? Could it be that `God gave women breasts to feed newborns, creating mothers's milk as the a means of nutritional food for a baby's survival And could it be that Easter, if celebrated as in the Christian Faith, is one of Jesus rising from the dead into new life? AS A BABY , HE CERTAINLY WAS NOURISHED THE SAME WAY AS ALL OTHER BABIES OF THE TIME. Why is the Easter Bunny, along with eggs a symbol of Easter, The resurrection of Jesus, Our Savior. Eggs are the `beginning of life, in animals as well as in humans, without it there is no life to form. In essence a woman's breast gives life to her baby in the early days of birth, there is no sinister meaning projected in this photo, it is decorated with the symbols of life, I would not depict a picture such as this my, but I don't look at it as photography Some may look at it differently, for the simple reason of agitating others, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. You decide for your, if you see any evil intent with this picture?? It was meant as a symbol of new life given to women by Our Creator to sustain life, is there any other reason for having breasts as God intended it to be??? COMFORT AND JOY`*~ SOME SAY LOVE, IT IS A FLOWER I SAY LOVE, IT IS GOD'S POWER FLOWING FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE SHOWERING ON MAN HIS ETERNAL LOVE SOME SAY LOVE, IT IS A FLOWER BUT I SAY LOVE, IT IS GOD'S POWER

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