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Writer's Block and That Guitar

My granddaughter has been writing poems for the past 8 months. I have posted a few here on my site. She is 12 years Old. Here are 2 more of her works.
                                                                         Edwin J. Smith The Old Cowboy Poet

Writer's Block

You can't think it's as if your brain is cursed
Because we all know writers block is the worst

You try to write but its no use
And you know for a talented writer that's no excuse

It happens to the best of us you soon will see
But when it's all said and done you can write again I guarantee
                                                                Caitlin Avery Saylers
                                                                    Aug 2008

Note; After Caitlin wrote “ Writer's Block”. She sat down and wrote this next piece.

                  That Guitar

That Guitar is played by the little boy who wants to be a star
That guitar is played by the lonely young man who is far from home

That guitar is played by a teenage girl waiting for her prince charming to come
That guitar is played by the homeless man wishing people would stop calling him bum

That guitar is played by the injured player wishing he could play in the next game
That guitar is played by the friendly high school er too bad no one knows her name

That guitar is played by the single mother trying to make money to pay the bills
That guitar is played by the forgotten drug addict knowing he shouldn't't take those pills

That on the outside we may be different but on the inside we are all the same
That is so with the melody coming from that guitar frame
                                                                   Caitlin Avery Saylers  
                                                                        Aug 2008

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Writer`s Block and That Guitar

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