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A Better Me

A Better Me

Love is not the issue, it has never been with us
Although there has often been a matter of trust
But with the past in the past and the future up ahead
We should not commit now but rather wait instead
With all of the things we've already been through
I can't bare the thought of putting anymore on you
There are some things I need to do for me.
Before this relationship of ours can be
It might be hard right now for you to understand
And even though it's hard it's part of a bigger plan
Where I am in life right now is not where I want to stay
In order to move on I need to move another way
The obstacles before me will take time to get around
It's impossible to soar with so much holding me down
Don't misunderstand me, it's nothing to do with you
In order for there to be an us, I have a lot to do
It might be difficult right now for you to see
If you wait awhile you will have a better me
No mind altering substances, no unexplained behavior
Just a person with and purpose, a person with a savior
A better, stronger version, equipped and able to stand
With a steady and sure foundation, no more sinking in the sand
Able to deal with life as it deals its' hand of cards
Knowing the struggle in worth it no matter how hard
That is the kind of person that I want to be
A better parent, a better child, a better friend, a better me


A Better Me



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