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Remembering Grandpa

                   Remembering Grandpa
          It never shouted to let me know it was there
Never wrote a letter to say how much it cared
          There was no speech to make its presence known
No measuring stick to see how much it had grown
          But never the less it could be felt so strong
A nod for doing right, a nod for doing wrong
          A pat on the back every once in a while
A twinkle in the eye, a chuckle and a smile
          That was Grandpa's love that was grandpa
The same way with everyone, good for one good for all
          Grandpa was a quite man, he didn't say much
He ruled with a firm hand but a tender touch
          He said what he had to say, and that was that
He never wasted a word, and never took one back
          Every action had its purpose, no wasting time
Nothing came free; you had to earn every dime
          Some say it was a tough love, I guess I agree
It didn't work for every one but it worked for me
          I didn't need to hear it, I knew it was there
He wouldn't do the things he did if he didn't care
          Grandpa was a quite teacher, so listen well
He would show you while he told you clear as a bell
          Grandpa was more than Grandpa was, Grandpa was Dad
He filled in as that one component this boy didn't have
          Quietly Grandpa made me understand
Taking care of your responsibilities is what made you a man
          Quietly Grandpa helped me to see all that I could be
Quietly Grandpa showed me there was more to me
          Today I walk with my head up and always stand tall
I remember silent lessons taught, I remember Grandpa

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