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I like to walk in the rain,
Ride my bike
skate, shout
run all about in the rain.
Don't you know,
before the Sun come out again to shine.
Between a rock and a blood red valentine
it's gonna rain.
New York, Big Fork, Portland, Philly,
take it from me
Buddy Bee,
before the Sun come out again to shine,
between a blood red rock and a valentine,
It's gonna rain.

If you got no game
you're bound to feel the shame,
In the rain, in the cold hard rain.
So paste on your best church, Sunday grin.
For those light sunny days, before the clouds blew in.
Just remember, before your Sun comes out again to shine
Between a rock and blood red valentine,
it's gonna rain.
It's gonna rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.

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Buddy Bee Anthony




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