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Hornsea, 1954

They played the National Anthem,
God Save the Queen,
As the final credits rolled
Down the big silver screen.
Quite a few stood to attention
While quite a few more
Pushed their way past
And made for the door.

Outside in the street
We did the Duke Wayne Walk
And chattered to ourselves
With our Duke Wayne talk.
And I climbed a lamp post
And mam clouted my ear.
And one of the other lads
Gave a little cheer.

So we had a little scuffle,
Couldn't be called a fight,
As we walked to the bus
From our rare cinema night.
Mam was complaining
How rude they'd all been
To rush for the door
During God Save the Queen.

One of the other's mams said she
Didn't think the Queen would care
Cos she heard it so often
And she wasn't even there.
The warm bus ride home,
That rare and special treat,
All huddled up together
On the upstairs big back seat.

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