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A Silver Valentines Day

I put on his necklace today -
That silver chain.
With it, added seven hearts,
Each representing two different gains.
The first was love, but now betrayed.
The second - kisses, now delayed.
The third; hugs, now rejection and pain.
The fourth; phone calls,
Now I'm "forgotten name".
The fifth gathered all the care,
Hands held, secrets shared.
Now it's all broken up,
An unfortunate, misunderstood love.
The sixth was sweetness and more -
A glowing heart - now ripped and sore.
The seventh is what had symbolized,
Our secret number - that turned to lie.
For long I hadn't wore which he gave,
But today represented Valentines Day.

~DaYnA e. 2/14/03

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A Silver Valentines Day