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 Days of Creation
God created the world in the beginning
He spoke it into existence from nothing
The creation account is true in the Bible
Destroys the evolution theory as reliable

God said “Let there be light” and it was so
Separating darkness from light, we know
The light was called day, darkness night
First day, all done by power of His might

“Let there be an expanse” or holding place
Separating water below and above in space
The expanse God had made, He called sky
Second day, but the expanse some ask why

Dry ground was land and water formed seas
Land produced vegetation in plants and trees
Each according to their kind and it was so
Third day, God saw it was good we know

The expanse in the sky was filled with light
To serve as seasons, separating day from night
Lesser light at night, greater light in the day
Fourth day, God saw it was good, He did say

Waters with living creatures, birds fly with ease
With their kind, birds of sky and creature of seas
Be fruitful and increase in number, God said
Fifth day, it was good and to them, He blessed

Land produced creatures that move on the ground
Livestock and wild animals on the earth all around
Each one with their kind and it was good, God said
Let us make man in our image and likeness instead

So God created man in His likeness, the image of God
Male and female, ruling over creation on the path trod
Be fruitful and increase in number, to them God blessed
Sixth day, God saw all He made; it was very good He said

The heavens and earth were completed in vast array
God had completed all His work by the seventh day
So He rested from all work and labor was now complete
He blessed and made it holy, an example for us to repeat

© Carol Salter 8/23/08

Based on Genesis 1 thru Chapter 2:3

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