~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954` 
  `Princess Of Aloha`

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~*`BEAUTIFUL MANSION`*~ Smug in your mansion high on your hill Never dreaming a love you would ever kill Money and fame to you came richly rolling in With the test of life's riches living in sin.. My darling,I am so sorry if I have hurt you In doing so I have made my so very blue Come back into my arms Sweetheart of mine I promise tomorrow on you the sun shall shine.. I sent you away without really meaning to Forgive me my darling for making you blue   I promise to be always faithful and true Forever giving my love to no one but you.. `Slide Off Your Satin Sheets` - `Johnny Paycheck` `Audio **************** Copyrightę*2008* ~`Maryjane Balthazar`~

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