The Unfairness Of Angels
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 What a bunch of Cults!

Now I respect religions
And their moral decisions
But I don't care for cults
Who brainwash people with insults
Cults are different, they're insane
They dig away at your brain
Like eating not Cheese on pizzas
With different titles for Mr Jesus
They spiral out of ones own sanity
Explaining about their creativity
No such thing as super novas
Like those stupid, deranged Jehovahs
They didn't like the Bibles word
Now that my friends is absurd
Pick and chose what's true and not
Personally I'd love to see them shot
They preach about the end of time
But believe in Jehovah and you'll be fine
If someone today believed in that
They'd be sent of to the Looney trap
They're the worse of the cults
Lead by power crazy, twisted adults
Oh how they love to wield their power
In the voice of the Watchtower
Preying on young vulnerable folk
And with nonsense they will choke
Every living feeling in their head
And fill it with religious junk instead
Freedom of speech is here to stay
So bring on your dooms day.

~~ Now I like theological debates. And I am loving them in my feedbacks too, except it only seems to highlight the poor plight of some ones intelligence and brainwashed ideology associated with this sect/cult. I have worked with mental health clients for many years, and have always believed that religion can be seen as a form of mental illness, who's to say that Jesus wasn't the first schizophrenic, for if a man walks around today saying he's the Son of God, we lock him up in the nearest loony bin. But Jehovah witness's they are a cult whose disillusioned interpretations on a book only written only over a 1000yrs ago and whose name is only mentioned 4 times in the whole bible, owls are mentioned more (14 times to be precise). No wonder they re wrote their own bible in 1945 to bring their distorted insanity to life. So feel free to fill my feedback with religious quotes from a bible you have altered to suit your own needs, Personally I'd have them all up for murder charges, the idea that a Jehovah witness should not except blood transfusions is nothing short of Murder! In 2007 it was registered that 10 Jehovah witnesses die a month in the United states for refusing the medical care (blood transfusions) they need, and for your knowledge, you don't get aids by I quote your argument ‘touching blood' nor in this day a age get Aids from Transfusions as the blood is checked before hand .. Roll on the feedback, and if you like you can get almighty Jehovah to write to me, that's if he's not too busy thinking about ways of killing innocent people who don't join his cult .. and don;t even get me started on Scientology!!! ~~    

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