Beautiful Disaster

Who Needs Diets

She hides
From disapproving eyes
And slowly eats
Her way to misery
She knows its wrong
But she just can't stop
They love her dearly
Of this she's sure
But they don't know
The destruction they cause
Crying herself to sleep
Because she can't do
What they think she can
Wanting it so badly
But not bad enough
Not being able to commit
To a diet, a plan, a change
Afraid she'll fail
Like she has done
So many times before
She doesn't look
At the path
In front of her
But instead stares
At the road
In the distance
It seems so far
It seems too hard
She can never make it
But with one step forward
She is one step closer
If she stays close to the path
And focused on now
She'll get there
She knows it.  

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