As I Was Praying

As I was praying

I was on my knees the other day
Asking for help, telling my lord
 Of my pains and sorrows,
Asking forgiveness for my sins
And all the wrongs I have within

When all at once, in my heart it began
A warmth and stirring from a loving hand
Into my ear a voice whispered,
Behold, I have come from the lord
To tell you a wondrous thing

Your sins and wrongs were forgiven long, long ago
As for pain and sorrow, he knows it well
The scorn and wrath they all bestowed
On our loving savior and put him to death
Yet he forgave them all, with his very last breath

So when you pray, fear not to ask
For what you need, he will fill your glass,
But never forget what he has done,
He sacrificed his son,
So our salvation could be won

When you are praying to our lord some day
And the Holy Spirit comes to your heart
Tell him what you need, the lord will answer, all in good time
It may not seem what you want
Yet the lord will make everything, to turn out fine

So pray often, your lord will hear
He'll care for your needs, no matter what they are
Yet always remember to give thanks to him
For what he gave us, our salvation won
He gave his only begotten son

I love you dear lord and Jesus
A poem written for our savior
By Jerry Brown

Blessed be his name

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As I Was Praying

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