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  I see Death approaching -
  like an army from the past - present
  spears upright with shields of protection
  in shadows of deception!

  They come to do battle with my soul
  to devour, corrupt and throw it in the hole -
  only me against the might of evil
  I have to stay calm, pure and make myself whole...

  The mighty one steps forward -
  no weapon in his hand - he has no need
  for mundane things, but those eyes, oh those eyes
  they burn through me like an inferno...invisible

  He takes over my mind and body, also my soul
  making me do things I don't want to do
  cutting and slashing against his army without cause
  maybe tomorrow I'll be a little stronger and vanquish?

  He vanishes leaving a message written in red!

         I'll be back,

         I'll be back!!!


Written By B.R.Walker
Copywriter 2008 UK  

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