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 Sorry I'm Late

This week has pressed and stretched my soul
To write of themes some new and old
Addressing thoughts for lost loved one
Sending GODS best to everyone

Yet late I am today for you
Who reads deeply my feelings too

Bit late today dear precious friend
Who soothes my soul when at wits end
Who tends to wounds that no one sees
That's you who means so much to me

I zoom across poetic pages
To write again of what engages
The girl I found upon this site
Who steals my heart into the night

We ran as fast but stopped to breathe
Upon your page our very need
That fuels a heart that almost stopped
Beating barely almost turned rock

Tardy we are but now we're here
To say how much we missed you dear
To hold you though it's on a screen
To keep you close if just my dream

Yes, I know it took me long
But now we're back where we belong
You see my suit was at the cleaners
The one that helps us look much leaner

Hello doll!... Got here fast as we could..LOL

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