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I look ahead, envisioning the end of my life;
A future where my fate balances on the edge of a knife.
So many decisions made, so many bridges burned;
A few comrades embraced, a few loves spurned.

I sought the path of honor, did what I felt was right.
I did not always win my battles, but at least I chose to fight.
As my past stretches before me, I ponder on what I have learned.
Gone now are my hopes, foolish things for which I yearned.

What remains when the dross is swept away, when life has run its course?
When my last breath is finally drawn....for who was I a force?
Intentions matter little, I think, and less so hopes and dreams.
Deeds and consequences weigh far more; that is how it seems.

I trust in a higher power, a judge beyond compare.
One whose word is always true, and decisions always fair.
I cannot even judge myself, and certainly not another.
Unbiased I am not, be it my sister or my brother.

At length I relax, giving up the unequal fight.
My deeds are what they are, whether pure or full of spite.
Too late to make amends, even should I so choose.
Some were destined for victory, others fated to lose.

But nay, I am no puppet, dancing to another's tune.
I made my choices, cast my lot, be it bane or be it boon.

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Misc. Ramblings