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HOLLYWOOD [from Revision pc 4]

In honor to all the ancient groans
The last days have arrived
History can take a bow
The Dirt Angel has arrived
There's no nice way to put it
And I don't mean to be a spy
But I hate your generic recaps
And your Lindsay Lohan lives
How I like to smear your "natural" beauty
Across the African globe
And put your Australian waxed what
In the lowest of class of homes
I wish I could take your dresses
And use it to wash the feet
Of every deserving women
Whose own dream they'll never meet
I wish I could take all the acrylic nails
And every product made by Chanel
And take all you American women
On a five minute tour in hell
And men don't get me started
With all your silly fast toys
You'll never come close to living
The lives of persecuted boys
And yet, I hear you whining
That your vacations are not enough
You're college educations
And your friends and freakin' stuff
I'm so sick of living
 in this liberal stupid place
Where ever girl must out do
Every girl's pretty face
I hate the effing magazines
And I hate effing lives
Of all the plastic people
Who will never Sacrifice
I'm so sick to say
But we all struggle inside
Because we all just gotta' have
A fricken' Hollywood life.

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