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 Game of Life

In the Summer Olympics, athletes competed
Many received medals, others were defeated
They prepared by years of disciplined training
Keeping on track through diet and exercising

Life is like a game, a journey along the way
With unknown challenges we may face each day
There are times of great joy and happiness too
When crises comes, some wonder what to do

Some people panic or try to ignore the situation
But it gets worse, so they cry out in desperation
"Why did this have to happen to me right now?"
They search for peace and answers somehow

My faith grows stronger in Jesus as Savior
I know He is my only hope and sole defender
I can safely rest in Him because He is in control
Even when I can't see past the storms that roll

Satan will tempt me in every way that he can
The Spirit empowers me in defeating his plan
By not spending time in the Bible and prayer
I will be caught off guard and not be prepared

I need a pep talk from Him as I start my day
Guiding my thoughts, so I will not go astray
Otherwise, it is so easy for my mind to wander
Focusing on His Word is a continual reminder

Daily quiet time is not based on the amount
It is the desire of my heart that really counts
If I miss time with Him, I will not feel guilty
He loves me in the same way, unconditionally

Carol Salter 9/14/08
(Revised on 9/15/08)

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