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 Black Star

My Cosmic lover

in the night sky you shine,

within the deep of the darkness

you are a bright light

for all to see.

My star,

in the heavens

radiate your love in hues of

yellow, pink, red, blue, and white.


Glow intense

Sparkle and shimmer

Continue to burn from your power within

extend your light into all the universe.


My Celestial lord of the skies,

I will be a devotee,

A dedicated and loyal supporter of your


I will proclaim your excellence across

the firmament.

I must be a disciple of your

dazzling glory.


Blaze immortal

my love for you.

Astonish and overwhelm the lost,

Let us show them

How to consume the murky blackness.


Flare and Fire consumes my


Black star, reach for me

in the void

hold me in your affections and share your energy

with me

so that we will rest in exuberant abundance.

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