Tattoos in Mayberry

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Daddy wants daddy needs daddy no daddy please
wants momma's little secret
and big dog's comin on down
The one he vowed to keep
whispered in her sleep
Now that daddy keeps momma's sticky tricky secret tucked away
safe and sound
daddy gets momma's sticky licky treatment
all night long

What's comin down 'tween me and you
Miss Tiggle Wiggle iggle wiggle
shiggle wiggle
giggle wiggle
and Miss Tandori Too

Cuz,Momma wants Momma needs Daddy no,
sugar please
Wants Big daddy's dicky prickly secret
and she's comin on
downtown with 
The one she vowed to keep
whispered in his sleep
Now,that momma keeps daddy's little secret
tucked away safe and sound
Momma gets daddy's tricky, pricky treatment
all night long

Buddy Bee Anthony

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The Treatment.