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Searched for him over electronic waves
He was there at one place only
And it left me lonely
Knowing he was gone
What happened that
He felt the stuff to go
I perhaps will not know
But that doesn't matter in this life
What matters is he's back
I can hear his voice again
Pretend he is my electronic friend
Far away except on a screen
Where he is enough to keep alive
This girl woman
Who dislikes the Fall
Feels depressed and dreams of God
Perhaps God has left too
I don't know
I only know he's back
And the hope of him still out there alive
Is enough to
Make this tough time of year
A slight bit more pleasant than it was before last night
There his voice was again
There his words were again
There his soul cried for creativity
And I thought of what he gives to me
And all of you
If you choose to read his poetry
There's something in it that
Sets free
The suicidal thoughts in my mind
Because he is a man who's kind
In writing and his music
I think of him and how he falters
I think of me and my crimes
Of wanting to die
When there's the pie in the sky of God
Asking me to not be so odd
That others may relate
He's back and it helps
To keep me
From being old and older
Is hard to relate
To when you are young and life is a day song
That lasts all 24 hours
Because of the power of youth
That I will never have again
But it doesn't matter
Amidst the negativity of mine and chatter
He's back and I am inspired to live
Thank you for being here
I hold you dear
And your poetry
You could be like me
Cynical and uninspired
But somehow found your way back here fired
By the flame of words spoken
Don't let me get you down
There's enough misery without mine flowing
He's back and I will be knowing
A poet man of kindness
Throughout the blindness
Of those who turn this place into a cesspool
When a taste of heaven would be better
For those of us who are old
And sad that Fall has come again
I will breathe you in my friend
And you don't have to think of me
You are free
And so am I
A bitter piece of candy today
Because this body has been ill
With a cold for two weeks
Like a maggot on a turd
Who grew from a fly
That should have been swatted yesterday
Throughout the muck I suck
But he never did
He was a man-kid
Ready to play his songs
Or bring along a story
Where it is explained
Do not disdain
Just keep on living
Because in poems I will be giving
You a taste of me
For free
It's okay girl woman
He's back
So don't be bummed
About those who had him leave
Don't grieve
He's a man okay
They don't need girl women to take away
The sad in their hearts
Men have more smarts
Than to abstain from poetry
At least the ones I love here in me
And you are one
Though I don't know
What it is that makes you so
Or what it is that makes me sad
I am just glad you're back
It's enough to keep this old tired one living
You can do that with inspiration
And I know you don't want to be someones relief
You don't want to see the grief
Of this hopeless poet
Who gets so depressed
But you are back
That's what counts
Thank you for coming
I will try not to be bumming
A light from your candle
However, when it's more
Than I can handle
I come here to vent
It's time well spent
Instead of in the dirty road to hell
Opening a gate where I will fail
To live
Instead I give
My raw useless emotion
For one bit of wordy devotion
From a poet who went away
Now here again my poet friend
Please stay...

9/21/2008 2045 cj
Inspired by RKC

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