These nine year olds rock
Taking me up and down the block
From one ride to another
That's the life of a grandmother

Then you see me at the DROP ZONE
Whiskey reeking not alone
With your Kid-Rock man
Having a ball as planned

While I am here for others
To give a break to mothers
Who are working and being
Giving then I'm seeing

The happiness of youth shine
High on life and partly mine
To cherish and to love
To send prayers for them above

That orange-red beard and shirt
Might love but the hurt
Of him hurting Lori
Is the truth in that story

Because when you love someone
They think your love they're won
That they can trust you through it all
You turn in their life a world ball

That means so much
The only touch
Of that one part
Is just for their heart

Cheating's wrong
A hurtful song
In this carnival of life
When you have a wife

Or a boyfriend
That's the end
Of the infidelity
You're not free

Except on paper with pen
Where the carnival of life can pretend
That I am 9 or 30
Where I can talk dirty

To you, it's all a fantasy
And you live there with Lori
While I live here by myself
With lazy wealth

At 1p.m. with this cold
In my jammies will unfold
How it made me feel
To see you real

When I have stayed away
Suffered in my own life everyday
With pains of bad back
No husband with a knack

To help me out
To things that pout
For care
When I'm too weak to share

My working skills
To fix the ills
At this home
I live alone

Other people matter
In the mire of chatter
In this boring poetry
I set free

Before I must be
Grandma and free
Mommy and taken
Orange-red aching

In my mind
Kid-Rock sublime
What I've been listening to
In this carnival of life ascertaining you.

9/15/2008 1256 cj
Inspired by Kyndra, Rosie,
and Dan Ball

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