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 War of Words

The gift of gab was given you
To emulate who sees you through
The GOD that no one sees but lives
Inside your soul, you He forgives

Chances are you will be pressed
To choose wisely and not to stress
Your take on things that will engage
Those lost and hurt your words enrage

You will succumb at times and fall
Into mindset that evil mauls
Feeding, fanning the flames of hate
Do not forget just whats at stake

You are a child who overcame
Like CHRIST who bore unfathomed pain
His words should rest upon your heart
To bring at peace, what's torn apart

This war of words, destroys and kills
A chance to bridge the gap unfilled
By love not shown in words spoken
By you angered by soul broken

Choose wise the words spoken today
Your tongue, great weapon a soul can slay
Or bring closer to CHRIST who rose
Above all odds in you he chose

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