October's Child

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Haulin horses from Texas he had ah big load
On ah hot dusty day she walked the ole road
Barefoot 'n' lonely feelin wild inside her mind
He was full of wit 'n' charm, the country boy kind

Where are ya goin, lookin so country girl fine?"
Hop on in here now, let's follow every sign
I see you ah lookin at the country side n' thinkin'
Let's cut a rug he said, the whole time ah winkin

"But I need ta tell my paw, can't just up'n' leave
His charm reeled her in on this mid summer's eve
"You shore nuff can, he ain't gonna know yer gone
Let's go city man, greet the early mornin's dawn

She chewed a blade of grass as he snuggled her in
Sure she'd been in church, knew all about the sin
Her heart just ah thumpin she'd met herself ah star
He was her Opossum, come to fetch her from afar

They sped thru the country side like Bonnie'n' Clyde
This country city dude holding her close by his side
She took long drinks of his smooth charmin ways
She pretty well knew she'd be his for all her days

There ain't nary a need to carry this tale to an end
They've not been seen since winter's done set in
Heard they'd took a ride on an Arizona highway
Opossum n' his woman goin to their gettaway

September 27, 2008

fraisier veu

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