Thoughts of a Mother


inspiration, where does it come from

the everyday life that we live, the world that surrounds us

people we come in contact with, people we never met but know of

any of these can be it, give us a lil glance of inspiration

but to do what?

do great things, be better people, live a better life

well for me, inspiration inspires me to write

to write simple words to speak for the unheard people

to listen to the  ignored and let everyone know how they feel

that is why i write, that is why i am here, and that is what i am doin

but why are you here, what does your inspiration inspire you to do

if you don't know, or yet to find out then you need to listen

just because times are hard and money  is no where to be found

does not mean you must give up on your real dreams

it does not mean you can't pursue your real future, for if you do not walk the path that you were given

you may lose it, and find  yourself in a new world that was not meant for you

a darker, sadder place that you were never meant to see or experience

don't let your inspiration pass you by, you may need to make sacrifice, you may need to leave your loved one

i was relatively smart in school, but i know people who were way more intelligent than I

but i see them now, hustlin rocks, flippin them burgers, smokin that stuff

because they could not leave there family, they had to keep it real,

go ahead rep for your hood, but is your hood reppin for you now that you have fallen with no where to turn

no your hood, is not your hood, because the guy that kept it real family moved and now he's doin big thing

because he was inspired to be better.....

we all need inspiration no matter how small

when you see it, grab it and follow it wherever it may lead

you never know what you can do, if you never even try

to close, get inspired, be inspired, and give inspiration to our future

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