Keeper Of The Flame
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Winter was a wild and windy, cold and misty time
For those that lived on the north side of the hill
Those living on the south side enjoyed a milder clime
To them it was summer all year 'round, if you will....

Those on the north side caught flu and colds and such
Arthritis was a plague delivered by the winter chill
While on the south side no one suffered very much
They wined and dined and most times drank their fill....

For untold countless years their lives had been like this
North and south never mingled, living out their days
The southern side seeming to soak in eternal bliss
While the northern clan took on nature and her ways....

The southerners had lots of spare time to paint and write
They took up sculpting and put a monument on the square
At night they would hold dances out under the moonlight
While the children played games chasing fireflies there....

The northerners took to making machines to keep them warm
Their doctors worked on cures for all the ailments they got
Growing season was short so they made a hydroponics farm
It was indoors, and botanists improved on the foods a lot....

What caused the weather to change, to this day no one knows
Nature has a way of doing these things without telling us why
Suddenly the southerners found out they needed warmer clothes
And water repellent materials and hats to help keep them dry...

They were helpless as little kids, so north came to the rescue
Trading materials and goods in exchange for books and such
North had south build for them a most magnificent statue
They just worked it out in trade, money wasn't used very much....

The northern climate, now mellowed, gave them more time
To help the southerners learn how to control nature's quirks
The north learned how to paint and write things that rhyme
While the south studied medicine and how machinery works....

That's the way the world goes 'round all over the place
Learning from each other and swapping and sharing skills
That's how people learn they need to get along, each race,
Whether you live on the north or south side of the hills....

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