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Foibles – La Ronde iii

He was the Colonel of the Regiment
And he liked to ease his stress
At home every evening
In a little cocktail dress
A towering military figure
You could taste tension in the air
With the Regiment at attention
When paraded on the square

When he carried out inspection
You could almost taste the fear
For how was a squaddie to know
His mind wasn't really here
It was back in his quarters
Concerned with other things
Like what dress to wear
With the new pearl earrings

The Colonel and his lady
Each clutching a Gordon's Gin
Arrayed on their sofa
Like a pair of coutured twins
For the Colonel loved his lady
Loved her to bits
And they both liked to relax
In complimentary outfits

He'd won many medals in combat
Yet always feared the shame
That his little harmless fetish
Might bring down on his name
So every single morning
Uniformed and spic and span
The Colonel viewed his Regiment
That perfection of military man

On the streets of the Capital
The Politicians still ride
To the House in their limo's
With many greater sins to hide
For the world keeps on turning
In the eternal existence show
And conveniently blind eyes
That it doesn't wish to know


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Foibles – La Ronde iii