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I've got to get Up

I've got to get up
With so many people relying on me to stand
Wanting me to be strong, needing me to be a man
Calling me to answer, believing I'll be right
Depending on my faithfulness, day or night
Testing me for patience, picking from my brain
Pushing my endurance, adding to my strain
The load gets so heavy, I bend but don't break
Saying to myself "how much more can I take"
Don't they know that I'm not perfect and I too sometimes may fall
Am I expected to come running every time I here a call
Should I tell them that just last week I fell and woke up on my face?
Can I tell them I feel weak sometimes or would I be out of place?
The real question is if I told them that
Would they lend a helping hand with the load on my back?
There are those with whom it is my job to do what I do
But what of those not of my house, should I help all of them too
Some men fall from the weight of their world and turn away from their cup
But something makes me drink until the last drop, and forces me to get up
You've got to get up, you must get up I hear a small voice say
I'm weak, I'm tired I tell the voice, but I get up anyway
If there were not a God in heaven how could I survive
He helps me deal with my crew, and all those other lives
Some days I wish that he would let me lay there for awhile
But it's those times when I am down that someone needs a smile
So I get up, I must get up, and shake the dust from my head
I can't burden them with my woes, so I cheer up instead
I'll be the ears; I'll be the eyes, the words that keep them going
Inside I may be overwhelmed but on the outside it's not showing
Sometimes I'm up. Other times I'm down
And I've often fell flat on the ground
But I get up; I've got to get up until the day my work is done
I have twelve kids to raise and the youngest in only one
My grandmothers need me also, and my father calls on me too
And if I take a day off from work they act like they don't know what to do
So like the sun I rise and fall
And try to be there for them all
I ask God which ones to help
And He points to the answer within myself
When I ask how much should I take
He says "I'll let you bend but I won't let you break"
Sometimes you will get weak, and you will fall
But you get back up and you stand tall
You'll be all right because you see
As they're leaning on you, you are leaning on Me
So you it's really not me
No matter the face you see
He makes sure, no matter what
When ever I fall I've got to get up

J. Moore

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