Words unspoken, Words unread!

Babies of Beslan............

The darkest day in history,
Brought tears to my eyes.
Many Russians murdered,
In a mass of horrid cries.

Hundreds of innocent people,
Seen fleeing through the streets.
Bodies thrown onto the verge,
In a sea of blood-stained sheets.

So many kept within a school,
Being held against their will.
Suicide bombers with booby traps,
That care not who they kill.

An act by Chechen rebels,
Seeking freedom for their kin.
Within scenes of utter carnage,
From those terrorists within.

Semi-naked children,
Seen running through the street.
The Chechen rebels in the school,
Shooting at their feet.

Then bombs and bullets filled the air,
As the smoke engulfed the skies.
People running from the school,
With terror stricken eyes.

Such barbaric bloody actions,
Brought death and undue pain.
The heart of the Beslan community,
Won't see their like again.

May the Lord our God watch over you,
May he guide you by his light.
May he hold you in his arms again,
And keep you safe tonight...........

In memory of the children and teachers of the Beslan school masacre.

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