childhood abuse (my story using rhyme)
Natalie Rawlings
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Maybe now i know

Maybe now i can see,
The road i must take.
Maybe now i know,
What has always been at stake.
Through my sorrow and pain,
Through the tears that I've shed.
And the thoughts so unkind,
That go around in my head.
What do i expect,
Experiencing a life so unkind.
Surely not happy memories,
To be held in my mind?

Then why do i search,
What do i think I'll find,
Isn't what i got right now enough,
To me God has been more than kind.
Yes i have suffered,
And yes things were bad.
But right now there's not one reason,
For me to feel sad.

Not one not any,
I have so much now,
So many reason's to be happy,
But I'm not somehow.
Is it cos I'm grieving,
For the child that lives inside.
Or is it cos i just cant cope,
I am so very tired.

I can not give up,
I must go on.
Prove to myself,
It's OK to be wrong.
Brave and determined,
Strong and mature.
This is what i am,
I know this for sure.

Maybe now i know,
It's OK to feel sad.
To sometimes feel tired,
Get angry and mad.
I am only human,
No robot am i.
I can move on from this,
If I'm willing to try.
That's all that it takes,
I know i can do this.
I know what i got,
I don't want to lose it.

So maybe now i know.

Copyright 2008 Natalie Rawlings

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