Words unspoken, Words unread!


The imagination, is a wonderful thing,
Your mind can so play tricks.
For when you're lying in your bed,
And you hear those coughs and clicks.

You know there's nothing out there,
But still you have to check.
You wake the following morning,
With two punctures in your neck.

What in earth did happen,
To me in there last night?
I'm looking pale around the hands,
And my eyes hurt in the light.

I look into the mirror,
My reflection I cannot see.
I've started growing two large fangs,
What have they done to me?

I run back to the bedroom,
I try to scream and shout.
There's a body lying on the bed,
With all its blood drained out.

There's a man stood in the doorway,
With a large sharp wooden stake.
He lunges down towards my heart,
And from my dream I then awake.

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