Words unspoken, Words unread!

THE LAST POST.............

Six soldiers bear a coffin,
Of a comrade killed in war.
The Union flag draped over him,
A hero to us all.

This soldier killed in battle,
In a conflict overseas.
A man who fought for his beliefs,
While defending you and me.

To the families of these soldiers,
Of my thanks I give to you.
The bravery that they have shown,
Such courage is shown by few.

A military burial, a volley of shots,
Then a flag lifted up from its host.
And as we lay him down to sleep,
A bugler then plays the last post.

God bless you our brave British soldier,
For this country still owes you a debt.
You gave up your life for our freedom,
This ex soldier will never forget.

.............Rest in peace...............  

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