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 Reflections of My Heart

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Chapter 08 ~ A Nite on The Town ~ The True Story

A Nite on the Town
The True Story
Chapter 8

Sir Mickey Ray thought the swords
were put to the ground
If you want the true story
Ladies and Gents just stick around


The story begins much as once was told
out for the nite was  just us four
but the changes come
as soon as we entered the door

AspiringAngel sat on the table
not taking a chance
Sly~N~Foxy threw all caution aside
and on the table she did dance

Now LadyDiana and Disco Ray
cut a fast jig in awesome display
What happend from there
Well until now none would say

Now the show stopper came with
the Penguins and Betty Boop
They knew how to Git Er Done
and that aint no poop

Then Lady Diana, not to be out done,
She brought to house to its knees
when she danced on the table
I think She had too many Iced Teas

And The Truth Be Told....

Lady Diana

Ray you say Donna, Lisa and I
are party animals yes indeed
we know how to party yes us three.
Hang out with us  
we'll show you a good time
we will take you on a wild ride.

So we're here lets have some cheer
down a few Ice Teas and get loose
this tea taste mighty good
I hear Long Island
is where it comes from

Mickey Ray I see you can drink
but don't think you can beat us three
for we are the queens of party
look at Donna and Lisa
they downed a few

The music is hot so are us three
were ready to party yes indeed
can you handle it Ray
your looking a bit green
with sweat upon your brow.
Oh the night is young
so lets have some fun
another round  I'll go get
I turn around Donna can't be found
When I see a crowd and in the middle
I see her dancing on the table
AspiringAngel looks worried as can be.

Ray's just sitting there
Wipe'n his sweaty brow
wondering about us Musketeers.
Hey Ray what do you say
lets get on the dance floor
and prance the nite away.

As I hit the floor
this song starts to play
the panty hose comes off
and I'm on my way
Ray looking at me
with utter dismay
I grab his arm and we start to dance
but the poor guy just don't stand a chance
that last Tea must have got to me
next thing you know
here I am dancing on the table
giving quite the show

This song is Kick'n I cant stop
when I get a little to close
to the edge of the table top
Sir Mickey Ray is standing there
and caught me and we both fell to the floor
next thing I know poor Mickey Ray
is headed for the door.


Aspiring Angel

Now everything about that night
Ray reported fairly true
We four strolled arm and arm
Under bright stars

"Ladies where we land is up to you."

The La La Funky Disco
Seemed a great place to begin
All heads turned to look our way
When the four of us pranced in

Diana found a table
Ray ordered the first round
Where the heck did Donna go?
She was nowhere to be found

She came strolling across the dance floor
Trailed by a dozen or so leering men
Ray rose to pull out her chair
"Friend where have you been?

"A lady never tells her secrets"
She said with a sly and foxy grin.
"Let's get this party started
Let the merriment begin"

We partied long into the night
Diana really getting down
She just couldn't resist dancing on the table
When an empty one was found

I had left behind the ice tea
And ordered shots of Tequila just for me
When my three friends took a look around
All three jaws dropped to the ground

In unison was the only sound

Through the foggy bliss of Tequilas
I guess I too had a table found
But Donna always thinking ahead
Had brought an emergency dressing gown
I drink Tequila my cloths hit the ground LOL

A perfect place for me to set
To watch what next would go on between my friends
But I have such a hangover from that Tequila
I'll let Donna tell you this chapters end


Ok Now listen to me if you want the truth
I am one that shoots from the hip
Yes a few too many Ice Teas
did cross these lips

But its been so long
since I had a nite on the town
Hell Yea ! ! !
I was ready to party down.

Sir Mickey Ray
Was looking so fine
But did he know the Leisure Suit
had already done its time

Now you may think
my tongue to be a bit sharp
but the man stole my candy
and ran into the dark

We noticed he was gone
when thru the door he walked
with chocolate on his mouth
no reason now for talk

I grabbed his hand
and to the floor we went
We danced and dance
until he was spent

I noticed the poor man
looking a bit ill
with sweat upon his brow
I feared his stomach he would spill

I guard my sweets
Like the treasure they are
I always lace with Ex-Lax
guess we better get him to the car

Now I'm not one to get rowdy
but my candy he took
Kick'n ass time had come
but that's another chapter in this book

Disco Mickey Ray

Well it seems this tale
Has come to an end
with out a word
from our dear sweet friend

It seems our PARTY ANIMAL
just couldn't pass the test
The Three Musketeers
are still the best...

Saturday Nite Fever
Disco Sir Mickey Ray did do
But the only fever he really had
was a bad case of the flu...

Get Well Soon Our Friend...
Hugs and Luv
Your Three Musketeers....

Nasty Boys
By Janet Jackson

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