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~My Haunted Doll~
(Free Style)

I just saw her one day when I took a quick look at Ebay.
And I just don't really know why but she just drew me to her too.
I quickly emailed her owner who told me that she was a haunted one!
Yet I thought to myself~ "It's just a doll that I am seeing with my eyes".

Well I just bid on her and won her that same day.
I asked the seller more questions about her and again she reassured me.
She insisted that my doll was the host to a human spirit she's seen and talked to.
No! She informed she wasn't evil at all~ she was just a nice spirit a haunted one.

So I sent for my supposedly haunted doll right away ~ just the next day.
But part of me still didn't believe it~ I kept saying she just cannot be.
That sounded creepy to me- a haunted doll with a real ghost around me.
It was something that I didn't really need it each night and day you see.

The more I thought about it the less I believed it could happen to me.
My very pretty porcelain doll can't just be a haunted one.
I am a born skeptical person you know~ just like most of you.
Yet I've seen so many things called "paranormal" over the years.

Well here I got me a haunted doll now- and I got her from ebay.
Is she a man a woman or child~ I just don't know that for sure to this day.
But my pretty doll seems to be the haunted spirit of a girl-she's a haunted one.
She doesn't say much~ she just stands there on display for me.

I can feel her presence at night and all thru the day too.
She doesn't leave me alone ~ she lives home with me.
She's shown herself to me~ I've caught her with my own eyes.
I can't believe it but I got me this time a haunted doll at E-bay.

I paid for her quite a little bit of money if you asked me.
Before this I didn't know much about any haunted doll you see.
I wasn't much of a believer before but now I know my doll is a haunted one.
Don't get me wrong I'll still keep her with me~ I'm okay and she's happy with me.

I keep her very close to me by - And I am not afraid of her in any way.
I've grown quite fond of her by now after all these nights and days.
She doesn't say much~ she just sits there on display for me sometimes too.
She's the real deal you see~ she not just a pretty doll,but, a haunted one too.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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