Words unspoken, Words unread!

Two people reaching out..........

The dreaded blind date?????????????????????????????

You traveled miles on a cold spring day,
Not knowing what you'd see.
You left some hours later,
And you took a part pf me.

Words across a crowded bar,
Two people reaching out.
And now your words are in my heart,
What is love all about?

With my words I'll bring you comfort,
And your heart I'll try to mend.
Those times that you are at my side,
I wish would never end.

I cannot promise millions,
No'r pearls or bags of gold.
I'll give you all I have to give,
So my heart I'll now unfold.

No matter what the future brings,
One thing I know is true.
The faith and love I have within,
Is in gratitude to you.

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