Words unspoken, Words unread!

Peace, not war...........

The sun rises up far beyond the trees,
And the dew rests on the grass.
The buttercups reach toward the sky,
And a flock of geese fly passed.

As I stand among these valley's,
With their mountains green and steep.
There's a farmer with his trusty dogs,
Rounding up his sheep.

And yet out at a distance,
In a far off foreign state.
There are people starting bloody wars,
With their heads filled full of hate.

They'll despise you cos' you're Jewish,
Or they'll hate you cos' you're black.
You do not follow my beliefs,
But I'll, not you attack.

So I say to all you leaders,
It is time for talks to start.
For the way this world is being run,
We are tearing it apart.

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