Words unspoken, Words unread!

That poor old bleedin' cook...........

There's fish and chips, cottage pie,
Or beef and Yorkshire pud.
A full fried English breakfast,
That sure as damn smells good.

A slice of ham with mustard,
Or strawberries and cream.
A wellington made out of beef,
A culinary dream.

A masterpiece put on a plate,
Whether basic cheese on toast.
Tomatoes stuffed with seafood sauce,
Or a juicy Sunday roast.

Our British Fayre's not boring,
I'd say it's among the best.
At least we don't eat garlic snails,
Or soup made from a nest.

So when you're next out dining,
Just have a quiet look.
For the person that I write this for,
Is that poor old bleedin'cook.............

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