Words unspoken, Words unread!

The hurt I can't defend..........

A poem for my brother, and the pride I now have in him for the way he has
turned his life around. He hurt his girlfriend more then once, and he truly
learnt from his mistakes.

I'm sat here reminiscing,
Of the days I've left behind.
The drugs, the hurt, the undue pain,
Can't life be so unkind?

Once friends, we then became lovers,
Our souls became as one.
When first I kissed your sweet soft lips,
Was when my life begun.

You lay your head beside me,
And I feel each breath you take.
I stroke your face, you fall asleep,
And I hold you till you wake.

Those times with you were perfect,
Though the hurt I can't defend.
You'll always be my bright shining star,
And I hope that your heart will mend.

In these times of strong emotion,
With this love within my heart.
I promise you,it won't go on,
We won't always be apart.

I'll no longer bring you heartache,
I will never cause you grief.
The love I have within myself,
Is a love beyond belief.

Dearest ---------, my darling angel,
My own bright shining light.
I would love to hold you in my arms,
And keep you safe tonight.

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