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Short Story:     The Life of Kaylee Marie

                                       Word Count: 944 words

    It all started a few years ago, it was the summer of her senior year. She was only seventeen at the time everything started happening. Kaylee Marie had become a wild child unlike her two sisters. Her rebellion started out small, first it began as not doing the chores around the house. Then went to where she was not taking care of her animals. Everyone thought that Kaylee was acting like this to get attention, because the fact that her mom passed away when she was only thirteen years old.
    Soon she got way out of hand. It got to the point where she would wait till her dad left for work at ten o'clock p.m. Kaylee Marie would then take off and be gone most of the night, but she always seemed to make it home before her dad got home from work. One time Kaylee Marie went out with a guy she knew from school who was a real trouble maker. Kaylee's family tried to warn her about him, but she would not listen. Later on they went out on a date and ended up at the cemetery that night. A police officer was doing his duties going around patrolling the town, when he drove down past the cemetery and out of the corner of his eye he saw a parked car there.
    Since no one is suppose to be at the cemetery after dark he decided to stop to see what was going on. The police officer found Kaylee Marie with her date making out in the car. She was very lucky that the police officer was a friend of the family, so he did not charge her for anything. When Kaylee's family found out what happened from the police officer they asked Kaylee Marie, but she just gave them a different story. Kaylee started going through a stage where she lied a lot. It was begining to become real hard to tell when she was telling the truth and when she was not. Kaylee's dad had grounded her and told her not to go anywhere till he got back so they could talk. Kaylee thought she did not have to listen to him, so she took off and went out. Kaylee's dad came home to find Kaylee Marie was not home. This mad him very upset when she came home Kaylee's dad went out and disconnected the battery from her car. Kaylee Marie was mad she thought that she would be smart and she figured out how to hook the battery back up. She would take off and be gone again. Now Kaylee's dad was really mad at her. He went out and disconnected the battery again, but this time he took out the battery of her car and put it in the back of his truck so she could not take off when he was not at home. Finally Kaylee got a job, but that didn't keep her out of trouble. She was talking and playing around instead of doing her job. When she clocked out at the end of her shift, instead of going home like she was told to. She would hang out in the parking lot with all of the guys. It got to where her dad would stop by Kaylee Marie's work to check up on her before he went to work and there would be times that when Kaylee Marie's older sister got off of work she would stop by Kaylee's work to make sure she would go home after work. This caused a lot of problems with her family. Kaylee was bad mouthing them when her family was just trying to help her and to keep her out of trouble she was constantly fighting with her dad and sisters, because she thought she knew everything. Kaylee Marie's dad was getting married and would be moving into his wife's house. They wanted Kaylee to move in with them Kaylee refused to, because she knew that she would have more rules to follow. Kaylee Maire decided to move out and get apartment with one of her girlfriends. Kaylee's family thought by her getting an apartment and be out on her own it might make her change for the best, because of all the responsibilities she would have.
    From then things just kept on going down hill. She's now not talking to her family. She goes out to wild parites and drinks then tries to drive home. Kaylee Marie also started smoking cigarettes she says, "that it makes her look cool." Now this really upset the family since no one smokes in her family. Her older sister tried really hard to talk to her and for things to work out, but they always seem to end up fighting all the time. It seemed nothing ever worked out quite the way she had planned it to. They were afraid Kaylee Marie might hit rock bottom if things did not change real soon.
    Suddenly Kaylee Marie met a guy named Jacob Micheal who found out about the situation with Kaylee and her family. Jacob told her that if you turn your family away then you will not have anyone, because guys  and friends come and go but your family will always be there for you no matter what it may be. Kaylee Marie started thinking about all what she had done wrong. Jacob helped Kaylee to change. They are now engaged to get married. Kaylee Marie and her family are talking to each other and are getting along great. Everyone is really happy and thankful for what Jacob Micheal has done. He really fits into the family really well.

    Written in 2002/Copyright in 2003

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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