Beautiful Disaster

Boy Of Her Dreams

She waits all night
For him to show up
And when he does
She smiles softly
She fights off sleep
To spend time with him
She never wants to leave him
But when she must
She really doesn't
Because he's always on her mind
He knows just how
To make her laugh
He'll never know
How he brightens her day
And she longs to see him
Be with him
Touch his cheek
Brush the hair
Out of his eyes
She wants to stare
Into his eyes
And see to the depths
Of his soul
He's so quiet
He's so reserved
But she can make him
Open up
How she would love
Just one moment of time
To hear his voice
And to breath him in
To see his smile
And taste his lips
But as her dreams come to a close
She knows
This will never happen

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