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 The Spirit Bows to the Will of Love
The Spirit Bows to the Will of Love

By Munir Mezyed

(A vision agonizes in pain, craving to be free
And remain alone in the temple of love,

I crave for the rain
Burning eagerly
Dying for love…!
. .

The spirit is bathing in divine gleam
I drink a toast to the pain
And mediation
From the Chalice of poetry..!

Thus I behold myself traveling
To the divine ecstasy
To her world
Wreathed with fire and rain
Carrying the floods of my swollen grief
And my brothers' treachery…!

The spirit bows to the will of love
My beloved lifts up the veil from my grief
My grief that darkens the moon of my heart…
She feeds me the fruits of the enflamed flesh
And waters me the wine of the spirit…
. .

Thus I behold myself relishing in love
And growing in pain
Ascending the high heavens…
. .

My love
I am a golden storm of luminous yearnings
It strikes your breast…
. .
My love
Tonight I aspire to love you my way
To love you with utmost passion…
Through your eyes
I feel warmth penetrating into my spirit…
I see the youth of dreams dancing on your lips
And smell the attar of your breast emanating the air...
I feel a biting thirst for the wine of your beauty
Fire raging intensely in my soul …
Whilst the fruits of my garden are ripe,
Waiting to be eaten…
. .

My love
The dream that we share
Is fraught with colors of delight
So darling, let me drink the wine of love
Take me to the bosom of desire
Where you will plant me
A tree in its soil
Which you will water it with nectar of eternity  
From your divine lips…
. .

My love
The strings of my soul play
The melody of desire
Colored with all the spectrums of magic
 On the harp of dream…
. .
My love
Between you and I
Is more than love
And more thrilling
. .
Between you and I
is more than obsession,
Or Perfection…
. .
Between you and I
is more than an exquisite
And unique case
Or a fabulous tale…
. .
Between you and I
is more than completeness
Spell of divinity
Thirst of desire
Or Flame of fire..
. .
Sometimes it is a raging fire
Or pouring mad rain..
Sometimes a joyful pain
Or painful pleasure..
. .
Sometimes sparks of madness
Or notions of awareness
Sometimes chaos of emotion
Or rhyme and chirping of sensation...  
Yet, I say, I love you
As I can't find a better way..
It's more than words can say...
. .

 My love
In my dreams  
I see you, a gentle beast  
Upon the meadows of my flesh...

A butterfly  
Sipping my nectar...
A glorious moon  
All its radiant beams  
The mirror of my spirit...
In your teasing eyes  
I see  
Bestial desires  
Sensual thirst  
And erotic glimpses...  
You sigh deeply  
With fervent passion  
While your soul cries  
For freedom  
And your impatient flesh  
For the fiery rain  
One kiss is enough  
To open  
The gates of desire  
The embers of your flesh...
. .
One kiss is enough
To allow this craving  
This burning  
To attain release
Perceive that hunger  
With unending awareness  
The frenzied craving  
That vibrates with urgent need  
As it liberates  
The ravenous butterflies of the soul  
To delight in the sweetness of the flesh…
. . .!

My love
I cry for you  
As I struggle against my eagerness  
With my intoxication  
And subdue your fire  
That is blazing in my bosom  
With amorous fantasies...
Let me luxuriate in  
And cherish  
These delirious moments  
When fire engulfs us  
Yet we are not burned  
But drown in the mystical rain of desire  
Lust and passion...
Feeling the joy of union  
The tremors of the soul  
Echoed in the flesh  
Ardent kisses  
Our flesh becoming  
Dew covered roses  
Throbbing with ambrosial nectar...
. .

My love
I thirst for nothing  
Except your love  
Nor demand anything  
But your fuel for my fire  
And eager lips to receive  
My kisses  
And sweetness...  
. .

Do I love and need you  
For I cannot live  
Nor can I die  
Apart from you...
You are  
The only joy  
In both  
My living and dreams...
.. !
My love
I want to draw for you
Wild sea of Pharaonic honey  
Canaanite Myths  
Phoenician vineyards
Persian flowers
Sumerian moons
Floating in my poem
As the night, my love, draws
 With brush of dreams
Apparent sky in azure color
Rebel Sea biting the legs of desire
Sun dancing on the branches of cherry
Drunken Moon singing to a Warbler in love
Thus I see you there
Between the Cherry trees
Longing for love
And for me..
My love
Come, let us surrender  
Lovingly to the call
the call of Our eager flesh  
To the call  of the flames
And gather all the wood of devotion  
For that sweet blaze  
From the forest of love  
To keep it burning  
Thus you behold me, my love,
Draw with brush of the lips
The lines of the flesh
Color it with the colors of summer and rain…
The painting and brush burst into fire
And become a forest of madness
And lust…!
. ..!

My love
Last night  
I dreamt I was with you
And my body was a rose of fire    
You were wearing the gown of lust  
In your eyes
The sparkle of temptation  
Your mouth was a cloud  
Thundering over the rose  
Raining fire and dews  
Soaking it  
While Your tongue itinerating  
Savoring the fire  
Like a butterfly sipping the nectar  …
At that moment I cast out all my fragrant nectar  
   Scented with the taste of jasmine and vanilla
Over the lips of cherries
I woke up  
I beheld her ghost near my bed  
And she uttered  
I am the desire  
The madness  
The taste of fire and wine..
I am the fairy that comes out  
From one thousand and one nights...  
I will travel with you  
To my myth  
To the garden of delight  
Where dreams and lust do reside  
So pluck what you desire  
to weave them verses…!
My love
The spirit bow to the will of love
Thus I behold myself treading
on their belief
Grasping madness with my hand
And let the birds of my spirit
Soar free…
"For I long to live in a place
Where I can make love freely  
To my beloved
Like birds in the trees…"
With patience and skill
I weave verses…
Thus becoming closer to god…
You and I are one…
Two embracing lovers,
Each one completes the other…
Soaring eternally together
Through the universe…
. .
I looked for you every where
In cities and towns
Museums and bars
Mounts and hills
Seas and rivers
Books and magazines…
When I did not find you
I started looking at the sky…
. .

When I could not find you
I looked at heaven
I saw you appearing
in the sky
With your full brightness
Mild and gentle…
As you make your
Nightly trek across the heavens
You see me
Sleeping, dreaming of you …
You cast the spectrum of love,
Your softest and mildest rays upon me
Enticing me to dream more happily than ever
O My love, My love
In my heart you reside
Wherein my soul
You mingle with mine...
My love
 I drown
In the lust of my madness,
The passion of my dream...
Traveling from heaven to heaven…
. .
I search for rainbows that visit your heart
Asking the clouds
The mist
And the rain...
. .
Thus my longing intensifies
I Travel in a heaven
Where God dwells
So that may I dream of returning
 To your warm bosom...

My love
The spirit bow to the will of love
Thus my soul chirps to yours
You illuminate my life with a whimsical shine.
In your Golden bouquet I plant my madness,
Alluring, enflaming my eagerness.
Your flesh becomes the garden of my ecstasy
You dance with wildness in my fantasy
Instilling roses of passion and fire
Sprinkling them with the water of desire…..
. .

Oh my beloved,
 I yearn to love you the way I imagine
So that I may turn this universe into ashes
 And dust
To make all of your fantasies come true.
Your beauty illuminates my spirit,
Alluring my mind with joyous thoughts,
These detours awaken my deepest desires.
I always knew that I'd find you
And bid you welcome into my heart
I sing your Name.
Mine is the voice, but for all I sing
My love
Within me I desire
 a tendency,  
 lusting for death.
I contemplate my sorrows...
My resentment for life...
Hating my salacious eagerness
And my saintliness
 Cursing my father's sin.
My heart is inebriated with bitterness
whilst in the soul hall
 is eternal emptiness...
It rises within me
As Christ on his awful cross...
My soul becomes a bird
Singing on the breast:
I want the secret of your abrupt charm
And the interpretation of the rebellious dreams
Of these idiotic verses
Verses written for the prophets of beauty
I am alive...
I burnt my shrouds,
And in a woman's heart I placed my memory.

Ah!  I wish you could understand:
From your delicious life force
I candle my sleepless lamps
and burn the body starvation.
 Secretive pain is fraught with farewell,
But light as the tears of shells.
Embrace me not of no avail...!
Will it be silent
who has in its soul,
all the sands of beaches
and the waters of all seas...?
The spirit bows to the will of love
My beloved lift up the veil from my grief
My grief that darkens the moon of my heart…
 Thus I behold myself writing poems for love…

My love, everything will dissolve
In nihility
But my poem will remain forever
In hereafter
You will see it, my love
Between the hands of god
Pealing for Him
To forgive all my sins
All sins…

That‘s why my soul bow
To the will of love
Bows to the will of love…!
. . .!

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