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 ~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954`


 50s Pictures, Images and Photos 
You know so much has happened in this world,
and I am sure a lot of us just don't realize
the difference in the way we live.
We just gradually moved on with it.
They call it 'Progress',
but families have moved farther apart,
and morals have really been affected greatly.

For instance, taking a walk in the park,
sitting by a tree and reading, or the big event -
a picnic lunch. Oh, how I loved to go on picnics,
and Mom would put in newspaper, sandwiches in waxed paper,
pop, and sometimes chips.
It was great, and we sat on the newspaper
so when we left there was nothing left to pack home,
all went in trash.

They had small roadside picnic tables, and usually
a large drum for the garbage.
One place in particular I remember was by a little stream,
and was simply beautiful. Like looking at all of God's work
in one scene.
~So very peaceful~ Yes, I do miss those days!!...
and at the time did not appreciate them as I should have,
although we did really look forward to them.

The guys used to sit and throw knives at trees,
for 'target' practice, and shoot marbles,
and would go hunting or fishing with Dad.
And young men could be trusted with rifles
or even shotguns, and brought in meat for eating...
But then we did not have the shootings like today-
what has happened? Our laws have changed!!
That is the main change.!!

Some of the things that come to mind as I was a child
and maybe you can recall some of them:  
All soft drinks came in bottles and you could get a
deposit back.
Cars had no air-conditioning or windshield wash.  
There was "free air" at all service stations.  
There were S&H green stamps.  
Music was on vinyl records 45 rpm and albums were 78 rpm.  
There was one light (red) on top of police cars.  
There was only AM radio.  You could go and see
a live Jan & Dean concert for $3.00.  
Gas was .26 a gal and ethyl was way too high at .30.  
Typing Class was noisy.
You only had GM, Ford and Chrysler making cars in the US.  
Most of the change in your pocket was pure silver.  
No one ever heard of Bankruptcy or Divorce.  
Football helmets came without face guards.  
The Network News was only 15 minutes long.  
Motor oil came in metal containers.  
Toothpaste came in metal tubes.  
The balcony at the movie theater had the best view.
{my favorite spot}
Cracker Jacks had a decent and unusual prize in it.  
Penny machines gave out candy or gum and with a charm.....
And they could be saved and traded for different collections.  
Comic books were the 'going thing'.  
The only sideburns you saw....
were on the pictures of dead presidents.  
Every one you knew had a Smallpox scar.  
You believed everything the Government said.  
Every house had a tall outside TV antennae.  
You could call a Doctor and he would come to your house ....
(the same day)and the charge was about $5.00.  
Men put on a suit, they also put on a hat.  
Atomic War was a real everyday thought.  
Men carried metal lunch boxes to work.  
Blackjack chewing gum was a favorite.  
Kids liked candy cigarettes.  
Soda pop ice chests full of ice, and pop neatly in it.....
(with openers on the front usually)  
Soda shops with table side jukeboxes were great.  
Television was just out and Howdy Doody and Kukla, Fran, ....
and Ollie were popular.  
The metal ice trays with levers to pull to loosen ice.  
Drive-inn theaters were the 'going thing', and double ....
feature movies were great.  
Wash tub wringers or washboards worked, and clothes ....
lines outside.  
Swings and teeter-totters are still in, but how many....
remember the maypoles?


Yesterday (Piano) - Instrumental

`Dedicated to all our Senior Tough Cookies`

~`MaryJane Balthazar`~

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