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Smoker (addict) revised

This is what I'm trying to say
why are you smoking your life away
with empty dreams and that worthless dime,
those penny days gonna keep your mind crying
but those dime days drown out those cries
when your roaming eyes start telling you lies
with signs of fire in the mighty skies
  to keep you bound and broke,
while you watch your life float away in smoke
These illusions are worthless when life is tough
You shorten your perspective every time you puff
        but you say,
That weed, that rock, that powder, that cube
got you seeing strange things on the invisible tube
The music is playing but the T V's gone
You swear you saw Moses on the telephone
The night's too short and the day too long
You say you just saw Lincoln walk through your home
   wearing some Jordans and a big old crown
"I want to buy a verb Jack and not this noun"

"I see Batman
He's doing a handstand
Elvis's on stage playing
He's with Superman
He has risen again
I'm not lying man
He's got a Mohawk with a nice tan
I'm not crazy man
Listen to what I'm saying"
     Stop!  Stop! Stop!

He should have keep that plain water
 and not touched that supped up cake
Now who's gonna help him in this
         hallucinogenic state
copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Smoker (addict) revised