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Conversation With Beauty (Seed of Samson)

I couldn't seem to get her out my mind
  as she whispered gently,
"Resistance is'll see in time,"
 as moments stole the daylight
up springs Beauty in the night
"I'm the paradise in every man's dream"
She grabbed my hand and my heart rose
         like the misty steam
     of a pressured hose
     but my strength fell
 I was under her spell as well
My eyes had been sold, her smile was too bold
She drew me in like the mystical stars
but I was restricted by these fleshly bars
   that kept me in this atmosphere
 "I am as far away from thee my love
         as I am near...
wish for me now and Beauty will appear
       she said
as she caressed the hair on my lonely head
She was as unpredictable as wine
but I threw common sense to the ground
          She was too fine
She took me in like a whirlwind
she destroyed all kinds of stuff within
  then she let me drop
It's a long way to the bottom
         from the top
trying to see the beauty of the heavens
       before it's time
will light the fires of hell in your mind
Look for these symptoms these signs
    from the start
the measure of Beauty has its place
      in every man's heart

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Conversation With Beauty (Seed of Samson)