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You Walk into the Room

I have been in a dream for ten years or more and the lights of my mind still remain the same.
You come into a room and my soul leaps from depths within hidden only released by your deep look..  That same old burning rekindles inside of me burning me to an ash only to be blown away in the wind. There I lose all sense of time and space, eagerly to become swept up in you once again.

Every breath you take I dream is for me.
Every movement of your body becomes ingrained in my mind.
Your scent fills my lungs with pleasure and I am taken to our place again.
The place where we can touch and explore each inch of awaiting bodies until the torch is quenched and cold.
A fresh new learning of face and lips traced down to breast so sweet.
I still yearn to kiss your lips and feel your soft skin beneath my hand.
A divine kiss withheld until this moment in time.
Absorbed and forever chained to this wonderful dream of love and lust.

Awakening after lovers' sleep with the dream so vivid that reality blends with want and need.  Again I wait to be rush through time for the door to open and you to enter the room.

Ragingheart -102708

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You Walk into the Room



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